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  1、 what are the company's recruitment channels?

  At present, the company in the middle of the official website and Xin'an Talent Network Recruitment Information, please do not believe some websites and intermediaries false information, the consequences of this, the company is not responsible for.

  2、 does the site have no job requirements?

  The company's recruitment needs we will quickly and timely release to the Internet, the site did not publish the position, in general, the company temporarily no recruitment needs.

  3、 what are the channels for job application?

  You can complete the job application form in our official website and Xin'an talent online.

  4、 I do not want to use the website to provide resume template, can you?

  You can send your resume directly to the company's human resource mailbox hr@cilinzk.com.

  5、 I have sent my resume, do I need to reconfirm?

  There is no need for you to apply for the position through the website, the application will have a successful page prompts. We will have someone responsible for checking, no need to confirm the phone, thank you for your cooperation.

  6、 how long will it take me to post my resume?

  If your resume is in line with our needs, in general, 1-2 weeks will have our staff contact you to inform you of the follow-up process. Due to the large volume of the resume, for temporary recruitment does not meet the requirements of the resume, without notice. If you have not received the notice, your resume will enter our talent pool in order to have a chance to cooperate in the future.

  7、 I was informed of the first test, retest, I need to prepare for what?

  The written examination and interview required for individual materials are described in detail in the recruitment process, our staff will contact you on the phone for the corresponding reminder, in addition, you only need to prepare the relaxed attitude, their level of play.

  8、 gender will affect my application?

  The company's recruitment results are based on specific job requirements and the candidate's ability to determine, there is no gender discrimination.

  9、 I was hired by the company, the company received my account and file it?

  For the recruitment of graduates through the campus recruitment, the account and file received by the company at the time of graduation. Through the recruitment of personnel recruitment, after the end of the probation period and qualified, you can transfer the account and files to the company.

  10、 I was hired, will sign a labor contract? How long is the contract period?

  According to the "labor contract law" requirements, the company was hired, the company will sign a labor contract with you, and reported to the labor department for the record. Contract period is generally one to three years.

  11、 I would like to ask the question on the site is not how to do?

  You can send an email or a direct call to ask us questions, we will receive your message as soon as possible to give you an answer. (HR email: hr@cilinzk.com Tel: 0551-65871017)