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  July 2015, by the Anhui satellite TV, Anhui daily, Xin'an evening news, Anhui daily news and other media reported more than 20 media division in the reform and innovation of the development mechanism to explore shares

  The outstanding performance of the company's new model has become a model for the creation of the path of innovation and development in Hefei and the deepening of the reform of enterprises in Anhui. At present, nearly 30% of employees have shares in the company

  Create a new model for the development of joint-stock companies.

  Core competencies: Core competencies

  Customer Customer

  Our goal is to meet the needs of customers with professional products and services. And in order to win the industry's widespread praise and long-term customer trust, to establish a solid

  Competitive advantage.

  Equilibrium driving force Balance the driver

  Market, technology, products and talents are the main driving force for the growth of the company. Market to promote talent, talent to promote technology, technology driven products, products to promote new markets. To promote a virtuous cycle between the driving forces and the implementation of the company's high-level organizational form.

  Core technology Core Technology

  On the basis of opening up the international advanced level of water purification technology support system. Rely on the organization's innovation, the formation of irreplaceable core technology, continuous and step by step to develop a competitive advantage and high added value of new products.

  Development area Area of development

  Identify opportunities and make sure that they are able to make a unique contribution to the customer in the field. The field should be conducive to enhance our core competitiveness, help to improve the existing market position, to share and attract more resources.